Talibs are near

“Don’t ever stare at them! Do you understand me? Never!?
“I didn’t mean to,?I said.
“Your friend is quite right, Agha. You might as well poke a rabid dog with a stick,?someone said. This new voice belonged to an old beggar sitting barefoot on the steps of a bullet-scarred building. He wore a threadbare chapan worn to frayed shreds and a dirt-crusted turban. His left eyelid drooped over an empty socket. With an arthritic hand, he pointed to the direction the red truck had gone. “They drive around looking. Looking and hoping that somThe chart shows the full structure of School of Nursing including nursing master part time, bachelor of science in nursing. Our programme provides students with opportunities to develop the knowledge and competenceeone will provoke them. Sooner or later, someone always obliges. Then the dogs feast and the day’s boredom is broken at last and everyone says ‘Allah-u-akbar!?And on those days when no one offends, well, there is always random violence, isn’t there??
“Keep your eyes on your feet when the Talibs are near,?Farid said.
“Your friend dispenses good advice,?the old beggar chimed in. He barked a wet cough and spat in a soiled handkerchief. “Forgive me, but could you spare a few Afghanis??he breathed.
“Bas. Let’s go,?Farid said, pulling me by the arm.
I handed the old man a hundred thousand Afghanis, or the equivalent of about three dollars. When he leaned forward to take the money, his stench–like sour milk and feet that hadn’t been washed in weeks–flooded my nostrils and made my gorge rise. He hurriedly slipped the money in his waist, his lone eye darting side to side. “A world of thanks for your benevolence, Agha sahib.?
“Do you know where the orphThe biggest perk of a wax atomizer vape is even heating and no burning smell! It has a quartz coil and improved heating wire, offering a purer taste. Also, a wax atomizer has unique 3-in-1 design as wellanage is in Karteh-Seh??I said.
“It’s not hard to find, it’s just west of Darulaman Boulevard,?he said. “The children were moved from here to Karteh-Seh after the rockets hit the old orphanage. Which is like saving someone from the lion’s cage and throwing them in the tiger’s.?
“Thank you, Agha,?I said. I turned to go.
“That was your first time, nay??
“I’m sorry??
“The first time you saw a Talib.?
I said nothing. The old beggar nodded and smiled. Revealed a handful of remaining teeth, all crooked and yellow. “I remember the first time I saw them rolling into Kabul. What a joyous day that was!?he said. “An end to the killing! Wah wah! But like the poet says: ‘How seamless seemed love and then came trouble!?
A smile sprouted on my face. “I know that ghazal. That’s H?fez.?
“Yes it is. Indeed,?the old man replied. “I should know. I used to teach it at the university.?
“You did??
The old man coughed. “From 1958 to 1996. I taught H?f