plant power generation dream come true (Figure)


■ Students at the HEC “Green Energy Dream Come True” competition, introduced to Yin Guang Tian, ​​Managing Director of HEC, how the green leaves shine. photo courtesy of author

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Last year, our school participated in the “Green Energy Dream Come True” contest held by the HEC. We were fortunate enough to win the runner-up and make our students’ “dreams” of plant power generation become “true”. Small leaves can also glow and heat in this forest of sarcophagus.

Our entry concept comes from nature’s plants. We hope that by promoting the concept of plant power generation, we will encourage the public to save electricity, raise public awareness of the public, companies and even the government, and reduce the use of fossil fuels for power generation.

3 pots of LED lights

When plants perform photosynthesis, they will discharge excess nutrients to the soil and produce charged particles that can be converted to electrical energy after collection. The electricity generated by each pot was measured with an electric meter of approximately 0.75 volts. An average of 3 pots of plants can make the mini LED lights shine.

Starting in September last year, the school held a parents’ talk to educate parents about the benefits of plant power generation. For example, if Hong Kong has 60% of its area covered by plants, if it can supply electricity to the street lights in the form of plant power generation, it can make good use of the earth’s resources. It can save the cost of power generation.

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plant power generation can also solve the problem of power supply away from the island. Residents can replace plants with generators in the form of power generation. The students also demonstrated to parents the principles of plant power generation and encouraged parents to grow potted plants at home and connect LED bulbs to make it a small table lamp and become a sustainable “green home appliance”.

During the month of November, students of the school also went to the Anglican He Minghua Huishang Middle School and Jesus Fuxingtang to teach the principles of plant power generation and workshops to allow students and citizens to personally experience the effects of plant power generation. This not only provided an interesting interaction for STEM teaching, but also Let them understand the meaning and importance of “life.”

The promotion will include attending the Caritas Club and introducing the principle of plant power generation to the public. At the same time, it will sell the material packages (including conductive metal sheets, wires, LED bulbs, etc.) for plant power generation, so that they can carry out small experiments on plant power generation at home. Do small scientists, and the proceeds from the sale of kits will be donated to Caritas for charitable purposes.

In addition, the school has also integrated plant power issues into the curriculum to enhance the interaction and interest in the classroom. In the Sino-Israeli and Secondary 2 science departments, teachers learned the principles of photosynthesis and power generation by allowing students to conduct small experiments on plant power generation. The S6 general course allows students to personally access renewable energy and deepen their understanding of sustainable development.

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We are grateful for the “Green Energy Dreams Come True” competition organized by the Hong Kong Electric. This will enable our students to exercise their skills in participating in the project and enhance their project and speaking skills. It will also help the public to deepen their understanding of the environment and provide valuable insights into the green life of Hong Kong. support.